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beauty industry jobsThese are difficult times and many people have lost their jobs as the Coronavirus has forced businesses to close down or reduce the number of people employed.

One of the sectors hardest hit has been the beauty industry as the need to maintain distance has made it almost impossible for beauty salons, nail salons and hairdressers to offer their facilities to clients without breaking the regulations imposed.

Fortunately, these restrictions are gradually being lifted but regaining a position is not always easy and being able to find a new job takes time and effort which is also restricted as people try to keep themselves and their families safe.

We want to help. So we have joined forces with one of the U.S. leading recruitment companies to bring you a selection of jobs in the Beauty Sector.

The list below, which is only a very small selection of vacancies, will be updated daily to provide a continually fresh selection of new jobs as they become available.

We have also included a Job Search interface where you can easily search for vacancies in your area by simply entering the position you would like and your city in the boxes.  You will then receive a list of any suitable jobs.

We hope this may help those looking for work so please do tell your family and friends about this new facility and we recommend bookmarking this page to keep up to date with new offers.

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