best concealer for hyperpigmentation - reviews & guide

Best Concealers for Hyperpigmentation (2021): Review, Guide

Hello Beautiful! The appearance of flawless skin is a primary goal of our efforts to create a makeup look for any occasion.  Using the right products and techniques to cover skin imperfections is essential to crafting the perfect look. For those with hyperpigmentation, the search for the right products to cover these skin imperfections can be very difficult and overwhelming, especially with all of the different options out there.

Not all concealers are meant to cover hyperpigmentation and sometimes the condition cannot be covered by concealer alone.

So, in this article, as well as our list of the best concealers for hyperpigmentation, we also have some tips and tricks for coverage when a normal concealer just won’t cut it.

What is hyperpigmentation?

In order to find the best concealer for hyperpigmentation, it is important first of all to understand what it is.

Hyperpigmentation is a term used to refer to those pesky marks on the skin that occur due to over-production of melanin. Melanin is the chemical that gives the skin color.

Hyperpigmentation may appear as a myriad of colors including red, light brown, purple, and dark brown. The color of your hyperpigmentation depends on the type of hyperpigmentation you have, your skin color, and skin tone. The intensity of hyperpigmentation depends on where the melanin is being overproduced. This can occur in the epidermis, the deep dermis layer, or both.

Let’s quickly consider the different types of hyperpigmentation and then explore how to make it disappear with concealer.

Different Types of Hyperpigmentation

One of the most common types of hyperpigmentation is caused by too much sun exposure. This results in sunspots, also known as age spots or freckles. The type of hyperpigmentation that results from overexposure to the sun is usually light to dark brown. (To avoid overexposure to the sun while tanning, consider a sunless tanning lotion.)

Melasma, or mask of pregnancy, is another type of hyperpigmentation. This is caused by a hormonal imbalance. Although it has gained the nickname mask of pregnancy, women who have never been pregnant may also suffer from this form of hyperpigmentation. Birth control can also be a culprit for causing the hormonal imbalance to overproduce melanin.

Melasma usually appears on the cheeks, sides of the face, upper lip, and on the forehead. This type of hyperpigmentation can clear up on its own when the hormones become balanced again.

Another common reason for hyperpigmentation is after the skin has healed from injury, irritation, or trauma. The most prevalent reason being an acne flare-up. This is known as Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation or PIH. These marks can be red, light brown, or dark brown in color. PIH tends to affect those with darker skin tones more than others.

Scars, birthmarks, keratosis, and skin cancer may also cause dark marks on the skin but are not usually considered hyperpigmentation. The technique for covering hyperpigmentation may still work on this list, but if the texture is raised you may need to apply a different technique.

Now that you know the different types of hyperpigmentation and what causes this skin condition, keep reading to learn how to conceal it.

We also have a list of the best concealers for hyperpigmentation.

Plus, a few other tips and tricks.

It’s Not You, It’s Your Concealer

If you have tried to cover your hyperpigmentation with every concealer out there and you feel like nothing has worked, it may be because you are missing a very important step. Some hyperpigmentation cannot be covered alone with even the fullest coverage concealers.

If your spots are still peeking through after your makeup is complete or you are noticing that your concealer is making your hyperpigmentation look gray or more accentuated, an extra product could change your makeup routine.

You may need to take the extra step of using a color corrector to get the most out of your makeup.

Although the best concealers for hyperpigmentation will have a base color or tone with a color-correcting shade, sometimes that is not enough to cover intensely pigmented skin concerns.

Color correcting concealers are the products you see in those crazy colors, that look intimidating to put onto your face. The most common color correctors used are green, peach, and orange.

When choosing the right color for your concern, you have to think about a color wheel.

basic color wheel - learn how to apply color correctors
Basic color wheel.

Looking at the colors on the wheel you want to match the color of your concerning mark to the direct opposite color on the wheel. (Learn more about color theory for makeup here.)

For example, if your mark is red, the wheel will show you that green is the direct opposite. Thus, green will help to neutralize redness and broken capillaries.

Pink and peach concealers are great for helping to make darkness and blue veins disappear on those with paler skin.

Orange and red are the color correctors to choose when trying to cover up darkness and purple veins on darker skin tones.

When selecting your color corrector, it is important to keep in mind that this product will assist your concealer and foundation. This step may not need to be taken every day. Some makeup lovers only use a color corrector when they know that they need to be photo-ready.

To learn how to use these “magic” products, keep reading.

How to Use a Color Corrector

The number one rule to follow when using a color corrector to conceal hyperpigmentation, or any skin impurities, is the “less is more” rule.

Many beginners make the mistake of applying too much color corrector and instead of concealing their hyperpigmentation, they end up turning it a different color.

Apply slowly, start with a little bit of product, and build up the coverage.

As you do so, remember you are going to be applying another concealer on top, so it is important to apply the least amount of product possible. Also keep in mind the formula of the color correcting concealer that you choose to cover your hyperpigmentation, as you want to make sure that it will work with your skin type.

When applying the color corrector, you want to blend the product well into your skin so it will not budge throughout the day and appear as natural as possible.

Pushing small amounts of the product into your skin with your finger will help to warm the concealers and blend them better.

The better it is blended, the easier it can be covered by your concealer.

Here is our list of the best color-correcting concealers for hyperpigmentation.

Best Color Correctors for Hyperpigmentation

Any of these color correctors will help neutralize your skin imperfections. Whatever your natural skin tone.

What Makes The Best Concealers for Hyperpigmentation?

flawless complexion - best concealers for hyperpigmentation
Discover the best concealers for a flawless complexion.

Looking for a full coverage concealer for hyperpigmentation can be difficult. A lot of concealers are made to just add a little bit of extra coverage and are not able to handle covering real skin problems.

The best concealers for hyperpigmentation will be full coverage and have a base that has a color correcting tone to it.

Depending on the quality of the concealer and the intensity of the hyperpigmentation, you may not even need a color correcting product.

Also look for products that are meant to be long lasting. You don’t want to have your concealer wear off throughout the day and have your hyperpigmentation come through your makeup. The best concealers for hyperpigmentation are longwearing.

This is especially important when using a color corrector. One of the worst makeup mistakes is to have the color corrector come through your concealer and then you walk around with orange and green spots on your face.

You also want your concealer to be easy to blend and the same color as your skin. This will make sure that the results will be as natural and flawless as possible.

Finally, when looking for the best concealer for hyperpigmentation pay attention to the formula and make sure it isn’t too thick to blend into your skin. Look for light-weight, creamy, and a formula that compliments your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin look for a concealer that is hydrating.

The Best Concealers for Hyperpigmentation

To cover all needs and budget, first we’ll list a few of the best drugstore concealers for hyperpigmentation. Then we’ll show you some top products that you’re likely not going to see in your local drugstore.

Drugstore Concealers

All of these products are great quality for their price and should all be pretty widely available.

Prestige Concealers

These concealers are a step up in price, but we think you’ll find they’re well worth spending that little bit extra.

Application Technique Tips

It is no use having the best concealer for hyperpigmentation if you don’t know how to use it.

Here are some quick tips for flawless concealer application:

  • If you are applying a color corrector, apply your concealer to cover your hyperpigmentation afterwards.
  • Many recommend applying concealer after foundation to see what was unable to be covered. This will avoid adding too many unneeded layers. Apply the concealer onto the skin and make sure it is blended well into the skin. Use a wet makeup sponge or stippling brush to really push the product into the skin.
  • After you have applied the concealers to cover your hyperpigmentation, you will need to set the areas. Using a translucent powder will help keep your concealer in place and add longevity. This is a crucial step for those with oily skin. 

We recommend these translucent setting powders:

Concealing Under Eye Darkness

When speaking about hyperpigmentation a lot of makeup lovers also ask about the darkness under their eyes.

Although this is not considered hyperpigmentation, it can often be covered in the same way.

If the darkness under your eyes is constantly there, meaning it doesn’t move and it isn’t a shadow, then you can use the same technique as described above. However, if the darkness is a shadow, then a special technique must be used to cover the darkness and reflect light, we will talk about this in another post.

The products that you use to conceal under the eyes typically need to be hydrating because that area of your face is usually dry, due to the skin being so thin. If you have dry skin all over your face, then you may be able to use the same products for all of your concealing needs.

Best Products for Concealing Under Eye Darkness

Here are some of our favorite concealers to use to cover under eye darkness.

Summing up

Now you know our picks for the best concealers for hyperpigmentation and even some under eye darkness. Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition, but it doesn’t have to affect your flawless makeup look. Give these products, tips, and tricks a try to cover up your skin imperfections for your next special event.

Do you have any suggested techniques for concealing hyperpigmentation?

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