The Best Leave-in Conditioners for Black Hair: Are They The Right Option?

Modern technology is wonderful and now anyone can have great looking black hair. You need the best leave in conditioner for black hair. This is a do it all conditioner that prevents dry brittle hair and support healthy growth. Basically, it is a leave-in product that you just work into your hair. There’s never a bad time to start using a good leave in conditioner, especially one that is made especially for black hair.

The best leave in conditioner will depend on the type of hair you want or have. Some conditioners are made specifically for curly frizzy hair while others work best on straight hair.

It’s all a matter of hair type. In many cases, fine strands do best with a liquid spray that adds lightweight moisturizer to any hairstyle you choose. But if you have  thicker, coarse hair, it is a creamy moisturizer that will do the trick.  The key to choosing the best leave in conditioner for black hair is to determine your hair type and needs. So here is a little information on how a leave-in conditioner can help your black hair.

For Fine, Flat Hair

If your hair tends to lack body, you’ll want to stay away from conditioners that leave a filmy residue. Look for conditioner that adds texture to that beautiful black hair. Volumizing conditioner is lighter than regular formulas. It doesn’t add extra weight or give hair that greasy build up. Avoid using the typical smoothing conditioners as these are heavier than the volumizing conditioner. (We’ve got an article on the best shampoos for fine hair here.)

Wavy Hair

Logically, wavy hair would seem the ideal medium. To the contrary, it can be hard to style, especially in humid weather. In some cases,  wavy hair easily frizzes, and in dry weather, it can go limp. Plus, the more curl you have, the more you may tend toward heat styling, resulting in more brittle and dry hair. Add to that the fact that it is harder for the natural oils in your scalp to reach the ends of a curled strand. Wavy hair does not tend to be as dry as curly hair, but you still need the best leave in conditioner for black hair to help it remain pretty and glossy. Wavy hair can also flatten out throughout the day or if the weather turns dry so you want to stay away from moisturizing conditioners that weigh down your hair. Look for products that are made specifically for wavy hair.

Thick Curly Hair

The best moisturizer for this type of hair is a deep-hydrating conditioner because it frizzes and dries easily. Truth is, everyone loves really curly hair. It is beautiful, but only if it is conditioned.  It is harder for nutrient rich oils from the scalp to get to the ends of those curls. If you have thick curly hair you really do need a deep hydrating conditioner to make up for the lack of oils in your hair. Consider getting a spray in leave in conditioner which you can use on your hair when it’s either dry or wet. This type of conditioner is light but gives you a deep rich shine and conditioning.

Kinky Curls

For Kinky Curls, the best leave in conditioner for black hair is one that is geared specifically towards these tight curls. This type of product is designed to increase moisturizer in ways that other products don’t for hair that is less curly. Look for products that have shea butter or a combination of oils such as coconut oil and argan oil.

Colored Hair

If you dye your black hair, be sure that you use a color safe or color depositing conditioner. After your initial die application you’ll soon be going to notice that the dye in your hair starts getting washed away by showers and washing. Keep your color vibrant for as long as possible by using specific deep conditioners made for colored hair.

Color safe conditioners have special ingredients that seal the hair cuticles allowing for the hair to keep the dye for longer period of time. Then there are also color depositing conditioner is that can deposit a small amount of color every time you use them. Just be sure you use conditioner shade that is black like your dyed color.

Slightly to Moderately Dry Hair

When your hair is dry but not severely brittle, you might want to use a moisturizing or balancing deep conditioner. If your hair is curly then you want to use one that is specifically made for curly hair.

When your hair is frizzy and extremely dry, use a more intensive hydrating leave in conditioner. Hair gets damages because of heat and sun exposure, and because of the chemicals in hair color or the use of blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons. At any rate, you need to use a leave-in conditioner for damaged hair.

Okay. Now that we’ve covered the basics and you get the idea of why you need to use the best leave in conditioner for black hair, let’s look at a few of the conditioners I think make a top best conditioner list.

The Best Conditioner for Black Hair Reviews

So you’ve got great curly hair, but it gets a bit frizzy and it is unmanageable. Argan oil hair styling treatment is the perfect solution to vibrant, healthy and beautiful black hair. This is a rich texture cream but more appropriate for thicker and curlier hair.

Benefits include:

  • Rich argan hair relaxer that offers great moisturizing therapy
  • Moisturizes, protects, hydrates thick and frizzy hair.
  • Contains large concentrations of antioxidants and vitamins

I love this product, and it has been on the market for a number of years. To me this means that it is a tried and true product, one you should take a second look at.

GLISS Hair Repair Leave-In Conditioner

Need some major repair work, Gliss is the answer. A product that offers relief for heavily damaged hair. It is a high performance formula that leaves your hair strong, shiny and supple. It makes your hair 95% stronger.

Get extreme repair for your black tresses with this top of the line leave in conditioner. The makers have created an extra-strength formula that leaves your hair youthful, gorgeous and extra smooth. Replenish your hair with liquid keratin to give it plenty of shine and makes it almost 95% stronger.



  • The rich leave-in conditioning cream cuts detangling time in half and maximizes slip, while smoothing and elongating curls.
  • The Tangle Slayer Type 3 leave in conditioner is specially designed for medium, curly, type 3 hair. Use gentle pressure when massaging the scalp and roots of your hair for several minutes to promote hair growth.
  • For best results, use on damp hair. Section hair and apply a generous amount of MBIB Tangle Slayer Conditioning Cream to your palms. Emulsify, and gently massage into hair. Finger detangle, and distribute evenly throughout hair. If desired, follow with a wide tooth comb to ensure hair is fully detangled. Follow with any of the MBIB styling products.
  • Made with Golden Milk, a crafted blend of Coconut Milk, Turmeric, Ginger, Honey and Coconut Oil, the Tangle Slayer leave in conditioning cream has a soothing scent that is perfect for a Self Care, Wash Day.

Argan Oil for Hair Treatment By Arvazallia Leave in Treatment & Conditioner

  • Premium Salon Leave In Treatment That Instantly Transforms Your Hair Making it Soft, Silky, and Easier to Manage
  • Repairs, Restores, and Strengthens Over-processed, Damaged, and Brittle Hair. Eliminates Frizz and Acts as Effective Heat Protectant
  • Hydrates and Moisturizes Dry Hair and Scalp Locking in Moisture and Giving Your Hair a Brilliant Shine. Effective for All Hair Types
  • Nourishes Your Hair with Essential Nutrients From the Highest Quality Moroccan Cosmetic Grade Argan Oil and Promotes Natural Hair Growth
  • Specially Formulated to Provide Additional Hair Repair, Hydration, and Further Improve Manageability When Used Together With Other Arvazallia Professional Series Hair Treatment Products including the Arvazallia Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask, Ultra Curl Defining Cream with Argan Oil Curl Cream, and the Advanced Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner System

Why Use a Leave-In Conditioner?

Sure, there are a lot of different shampoos and conditioners. And conditioners definitely serve a purpose. The one you’re using may already be great—so you might well wonder whether a leave-in conditioner is even necessary…

But before you decide that this is an unnecessary item, see why a good leave-in conditioner for black hair may do wonders for your tresses.

Good Moisture

A leave in conditioner is the first method of making sure your hair gets the moisture it needs.  Start with water and then add a good water based moisturizing conditioner.

Truth is if you have kinky hair, it needs moisture and a leave-in conditioner can hydrate, soften and make your hair manageable.

Besides leave-in conditioners have something the regular conditioners don’t: they contain proteins that help strengthen your hair. And they also have ingredients that protect your hair when you use heat.

So Do You Really Need It?

Maybe not, but hey, the nourishing oils won’t hurt and can give you lots of goodness.

Basically what I’m saying is you need to look at your hair condition. If it is already super soft and shiny, then this is probably not a necessary step.

But if your gorgeous black hair is frizzy, curly and dry looking then yes, getting one of the best leave-in conditioners for black hair above is a great idea.

Further Reading

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