Best Shaving Products for Dry, Damaged Skin 2021

One of the worst parts of dry skin is dealing with shaving complications. The biggest issue being those pesky, painful ingrown hairs. When your hair follicles aren’t happy, your hair growth can be rough, and very uncomfortable, not to mention growing in the wrong direction!

Ah those pesky razor bumps! We have all been there unfortunately. First off what causes them? Ingrown hairs normally occur when we shave too close and nick the top of the hair follicle. This causes it to become partially obstructed which in turn forces the hair inside to grow at an angle. Sometimes these hairs pierce the side of the follicle and bury themselves inside the skin. The skin reacts by becoming inflamed, appearing as tiny painful red bumps, spots or razor burns. Ingrown hair can also occur when an individual hair grows straight up out of a follicle, then curls back down and reenters the follicle. Most ingrown hairs straighten out within a week or two but left to persist can become infected, very painful, and possibly cause permanent scarring.


Now that we understand what causes them we can understand how to deal with them. The first step is prevention and by this we mean using the correct products to shave. But what if you already have razor bums and ingrown hairs I hear you say. Well there are also products that cure! Whichever you need, we have got you covered!

First of all let us look at prevention.

The Best Shaving Creams and Shower Gels to prevent Ingrown hairs 2021

Shaving cream

Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream

We could not find a better product for a close, comfortable nick-free shave. Whether your a man or a woman this product is fantastic! We absolutely love it! Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream is a nourishing, concentrated, non-lathering shave cream that actively nourishes the skin. Soothe & hydrate as you shave with Aloe, Oat protein, Shea and Willow Bark extract.

Body Cleanse

Aleavia Enzymatic Body Cleanse

We love the all natural Aleavia Enzymatic Body Cleanse. It is gentle yet thorough when it comes to getting rid of dirt, toxins, and excess oil on the skin’s surface. This body wash uses rich Acadian sea kelp, organic extra virgin coconut oil, and pure aloe vera to remove dead skin cells while allowing the skin to breathe. Regular usage reveals soft, supple, and beautiful skin within a short span of time. It is Ph level 7, perfect for the most sensitive skin and can also be used as a shampoo or facial cleanser. It is so gentle it does not even strip skin when used in place of a shaving cream and it helps with eliminating body eczema, keratosis and psoriasis.  As a bonus it is also available in Lavender scent. Perfect for winding down after a long day for a restful nights sleep. Available here:

The Best Remedies for Ingrown hair 2021

Sometimes its too late for prevention. If your already suffering from ingrown hairs and razor bumps check these products out.

Urban ReLeaf RAZOR BUMP Soothing Salve

Magic in a tub! Well okay I’m a little biased when it comes to this wonderful product as I have been using it personally for over 15 years! I can’t speak highly enough about it! It works on even the worst ingrown hairs in rapid time. Normally just a day or two and the problem is gone. It also soothes the skin while it is working. Wonderful 'raw' texture that melts on contact with skin. Deeply nourishing and healing. My one tub has lasted me over a year so yes it is definitely worth the investment. You only need a 'tiny' bit!

ForPro Skin Mend

ForPro Skin Mend

ForPro Skin Mend is among the newest innovative products launched by ForPro focused on the science of hair removal. It is a wonder product for both men and women. This razor burn solution reduces ingrown hairs after shaving, waxing and tweezing.

Skin Mend also diminishes redness right after treatment to the affected areas.


Well we hope now you have a better understanding of how to prevent and cure those pesky and sometimes rather painful ingrown hairs. Which of these products will you be adding to your skincare routine? 

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