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If you are bored with Netflix or other movie channels maybe expanding your knowledge and discovering new ideas or interests might be an alternative way to spend your time while stuck at home.

We just wanted to let you know that our publisher has several other websites, apart from this one, with a range of topics that you might find interesting and worth exploring; they all have FREE BOOKS for you to download as well as a wealth of information and advice on the website itself.

If you have been something of a couch potato over the past weeks, binge-watching Netflix, you might have found your waist-line expanding and your energy levels decreasing. Similarly, if you are used to going to the gym on a regular basis you may well be suffering from a lack of exercise. We have 2 websites devoted to providing healthy body dietary information and ways to help you maintain fitness even without going to a gym presents a mix of healthy recipes and exercises that can be carried out at home to keep you fit and healthy. There are also three FREE BOOKS to help you lose any weight you may have added and foods that will help you to “eat your way thin” has a similar format but concentrates more on diet and healthy eating. The website is packed with advice and ideas and will give you lots of useful information. As with the other website, there are three FREE BOOKS to download packed with ideas and advice to keep you fit and healthy and able to come out of “lockdown” ready to move forward and face the future.

Just click on the website link or on any of the FREE BOOK images to go to the site and you can sign-up for the advertised book.  When you receive the email download link you can then choose any one of the books you want or all three.  They are all available at no cost.

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