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Fashion Footwear

Yes, like it or not shoes, or footwear in general are now firmly established as a fashion item. Whether it is a pair of trainers, named after a well known rapper (and presidential candidate) or a shoe carrying the name of a famous designer, what you have on your feet says a lot about you!

That’s all well and good if you are a celebrity or have the money to spend but for those of us who are mere mortals our main concern is that what we are wearing are comfortable and serviceable. If they look similar to a famous brand then so much the better, of course!

The type and style of the footwear you select to wear will, naturally, depend on the occasion, the place and the climate. You would not go dancing in rugged boots anymore than mountain climbing in high heels, so selecting the correct shoe or boot often has more to do with circumstances than fashion. However, there are times when deciding whether heels or flats are more appropriate to the occasion, the outfit and your stature.

And, of course, it’s not just adults that are concerned about the fashion of their footwear. Kids have become very conscious of making sure their trainers are of a well known style or design. Once thought of a sports item they are now worn for almost any occasion, whether in the gym or at a disco or just walking around town. New designs appear regularly and the need to keep up to date is paramount if you are to keep your image with the in-crowd.

We have selected a variety of footwear for you to browse through. This is only a taste of what is on offer in our SHOP, so please feel free to view all the styles, variations and prices we offer. we are sure you will find something that will meet your requirements.

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