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Getting Fit at Fifty- Best Home Workout!

Getting Fit at fifty is a whole lot tougher especially when you aren’t in shape (other than round 😊). I am writing this article from my own point of view and my own journey. As a 50 plus year old lady with a round shape trying to get fit. It hasn’t been easy finding my way around home Workout routines and equipment.

I am 5.5 feet tall and I am honestly not sure how much I weigh (as I do not own a scale, not even a kitchen scale) but I would guess about 200 lbs. Lucky or not, I carry my weight everywhere so I needed to find something that would help me lose weight in all my areas ☹. 

Getting Fit at 50

Over the years I have tried everything from diets to diet pills. All in hopes of losing weight and getting into shape without exercising. I have tried to cheat the weight loss system for years to no avail. Which of course, brings me to being over 50 and not being Fit. 

Honestly, I can’t even tell you why I waited so long to succumb to something that is common knowledge for most people. My friends and family say I am extremely stubborn so I’ll leave it at that. I am always on the go and doing something but it isn’t enough. Sure, I eat junk food once in a while but mostly I eat home cooked meals. I drink 3.5 liters of water a day and reserve desserts for when I go out to dinner. 

I have always been on the larger curvier side and working out and getting Fit isn’t about becoming model material. (Trust me that ship has sailed a long time ago 😊). I started to notice I was getting more aches and pains and they started to prevent me from doing the things I love . So one day I literally decided I was going to make some changes in my life, Workout and get Fit!

Doing The Home Workout Research

Going to the gym was out of the question. As I mentioned earlier, exercising was avoided at all costs. For me to actually stick with it, I would need to enjoy it. I needed to find a way to exercise without feeling like I was actually exercising. Naturally, I took to the internet to look for something that was appealing to me. 

On-line you will find many  review articles regarding exercising and getting Fit, but I never felt like I could relate to any of them. Many of these articles are written by people that are already in shape and I didn’t have anything in common with them. I wanted to read review articles about the struggles of a person in a similar position as I was. I found some dance workout videos that caught my attention. Now I know they aren’t a novelty or anything but they seemed like a fun way to Workout and they have really positive reviews.

My Favorite Home Workout Video

I have compiled some Workout videos, Workout gear and equipment that is working for me. I want to share them with you so you can save yourself the time to go through hundreds of articles and save yourself the money from buying equipment you will probably not use.

These are the first two videos I started with, and I still currently do them. Sometimes I need the modified version of a particular move so I really like that these videos offer that option. This one has worked for me so give it a try. After all, all you have to lose is weight. 😉

My Journey of getting Fit

When I first started, I could not even get through the 15-minute Workout warm-up without having to stop at least twice for a quick breather. But I was determined and after about two weeks my perseverance paid off. I started to remember the moves so I knew what was coming next. I built up enough stamina to get through the 15-minute Workout warm-up without having to stop. It was a real big accomplishment and I was really proud of myself. My next goal was to get through two Workout warm-ups consecutively. This way I was better prepared for the next exercise session on the DVD. By the end of week three I was ready to move forward and tackle the next session.

The first few days I was so lost, I struggled with the dance moves and the foot work (I am totally uncoordinated). Everyday it became a little easier and by the end of the fourth week I had found some rhythm in my body (who knew 😉). I was by no means ready to audition for “dancing with the stars” but my body was in motion, I felt more Fit and I was proud of myself.

Workout Gear

After a couple of weeks (and still sticking with it) I decided it was time to invest in some additional Workout gear. I purchased a good pair of support runners, some Workout pants, some tension bands and a yoga mat. You would think that I would have enough of my own padding to do some floor exercises but that was not the case (I tried because I was being cheap and didn’t want to put out the money). I eventually also invested in a water bottle so I could track exactly how much water I was consuming throughout the day.

Workout Pants

I love both these leggings! They are super comfortable making it easy to move without worrying about ripping a seam open. I have several pairs of each so I don’t need to wash my clothes as often. These pants are made from a stretchable cotton blend fabric that is soft to the touch and never slides down. I really like that both are available in so many different colors. I have a couple pair that I have never used for working out in but wear when I am running errands. They are so comfortable it’s like wearing nothing at all (oh me wouldn’t that be interesting…😊).

Workout Shirts

These are lightweight, airy and fast drying. I like how the fabric feels on my skin even when I am covered in sweat from working out. I would totally recommend these and the fact that they are available in a few different colors is just an added bonus.

Relaxed shapes drape your curves for a perfectly flattering fit while also allowing for total ease of movement. A sleeveless design paired with a racerback cut allows for full range of motion without constrictions. Enjoy total freedom of movement with this breezy, lightweight fabric that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “No Restrictions”.

Sport Bras

I never really figured sports bras were necessary but after a month of wearing a regular bra it was so stained and sour smelling that I had to throw it out. I invested in this package of sports bras and I couldn’t be happier. They wash and wear so well and regardless of how sweaty they become I can get them clean. Highly recommend these.


These Nike runners are perfect. They are lightweight; very good support and the breathable mesh upper helps keep my feet from sweating. I workout on ceramic tile flooring and these shoes offer enough cushion and impact resistance that my joints aren’t sore afterwards.

Additional Workout Equipment

After a couple of months, I decided to add some wrist weights into my Workout routine. So I purchased the ones that I could Velcro to my wrists (for safety reasons😊). Can you imagine me losing my grip on hand weights and having them go sailing right into the television?? I also purchased some tension bands and a yoga mat. You would think that I would have enough of my own padding to do some floor exercises but that was not the case (I tried because I was being cheap and didn’t want to put out the money). Eventually I also invested in a water bottle so I could track exactly how much water I was consuming throughout the day.

All things considered I find it a very economical way to incorporate an exercise regime into my daily life without monthly gym memberships which most people end up abandoning a few months down the road anyway. Not to mention feeling guilty for paying for something and not using it. 

Below are my recommendations for wrist weights, a tension band, yoga mat and a water bottle. 


I love these weights because they are adjustable. I can add or subtract weight as necessary for myself. They feel well balanced on my wrists allowing me to complete a whole workout without causing injury to myself. 

Tension Bands

Made from 100% natural latex, nontoxic, odor free, elastic, and durable. Simply change your position to target different muscles, shaping every part of your body. The different bands are 5 levels of resistance so you can very easily customize the intensity of your workout. 

Yoga Mat

This yoga mat I would say is a mid range mat. Perfect for doing crunches, leg and butt exercises. I like that I can roll it up, put it into its own bag and tuck it away. It has enough cushion that laying on a ceramic tile floor is no problem. Totally recommend this mat. 

Water Bottle

I like the inspirational writing on this bottle. It helps me keep track of how much water I need to be consuming throughout the day. This product is completely BPA free which is a concern when it comes to anything plastic. I love the fact that it has a handle which makes it easy to carry.  

My final Inspirational Workout Words of Wisdom

Now, I am about one year into my new lifestyle and I feel better overall. I don’t really know how much weight I have lost (as I do not own a scale) but I know I have lost weight because I am buying smaller size clothes then back in the days. What I do know is that I have lost inches because the one thing I  do is measure myself. At the very beginning I measured every week because I couldn’t visually see any results. My measurements changed which of course motivated me to keep on going. Now that I can see and feel the changes, I only measure every other week.  

Life is way to short not to be happy living in your own skin regardless of your size. At the end of the day you need to love the person that is staring back at you in the mirror. We all have flaws and things about ourselves we don’t like, so no matter how perfect someone may look from the outside there will be things about themselves they are not happy or comfortable with.   

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