How to Easily Update Your Closet for Winter Weather

Stay on trend with these winter clothing items.

As winter approaches and the weather becomes colder, our closets begin to change too. It is time to put away the t-shirts and short dresses. You will also want to ditch the open toed shoes and shorts!  

So, do we just throw on a heavy coat and some snow boots and call it a day? No way! Transitioning  your wardrobe to winter will require a bit of effort and that’s where you’ll find all the fun!

Sweaters, booties, and scarfs, oh my! There are tons of winter clothes to choose from to update your closet.

Whether you want to add just a few items or completely switch up your wardrobe there are key pieces that can “winterize” your closet.  

Keep reading to learn how to update your closet for winter, while staying on trend. I have even included some of my favorite pieces for this season; one or two just may make it into your closet too!

TIP: When looking to refresh your closet, focus on classic items that can be used from season to season and then update with a few trendy pieces.


Shoes are one of the first things to change when the weather gets colder. During the fall I practically live in my ankle booties but, during the winter I kick it up to calf length boots or higher.

Knee-high and over-the-knee boots are always very trendy and can be a statement piece to any outfit. They can be casual or dressed up. This style can also keep you warm while looking chic and stylish.

seven types of boots
Boots Boots Boots for Winter

If you live in an area that tends to get a lot of snow or rain, avoid suede as it can be messy. Suede can be weatherproofed though, if you really need to have that look. Leather or, (as I prefer) a good faux leather, is much more versatile and works better for parts of the country with severe winter weather.

When wearing high boots with jeans, I recommend skinny or leggings style of jeans. These will be the easiest to tuck in and will avoid bunching in boots.

Snow and rain boots are another part of winter fashion that we can’t forget. If you are looking for a warmer shoe, go for a snow boot to keep your feet nice and cozy. In parts of the world that rarely get any snow, having a pair of rain boots will suffice just fine.

For a dressier look, suede or velvet pumps are my winter preference. They can easily glam up any outfit, even a pair of jeans. (This classic pump below on the right is just begging to be added to my shoe collection!)

I am truly in luck for the 2018 season because rounded toe and block heel pumps are on trend. This is perfect for me because my feet start to hurt if I even just look at a pair of heels for too long.

A sexy, classic stiletto heel is always on trend – just be extra careful during the winter months. A small heel in icy and slushy weather is a recipe for disaster.

Outerwear (Coats)

As the temperature goes down, the coats must come out. Coats are another fun winter fashion addition!  It is an effortless way to add a statement to an outfit.

TIP:  Check out vintage or thrift stores for unusual and one of a kind pieces to update your wardrobe. What a great way to save money and strut your stylish self this winter!

A wool coat is a classic addition to any winter wardrobe and seems to always be on trend.  This style of coat instantly makes every outfit look more chic and keeps you toasty warm.

The choices are endless when it comes to the color of your wool coat. Some prefer a neutral, such as blush, camel, or black, while others like to go for statement with a print or pop of color. Really stay on trend for 2018/19 by rocking an animal print wool jacket.  To learn more about how to wear animal print, check out this post.

TIP: If you want to update your current wool coat for the season, try updating it with a belt to give it new life. Try a great animal print belt with your classic wool black or camel coat or jacket!

Sweaters and Tops

Adding sweaters to update your winter wardrobe seems obvious. Resist the temptation to purchase all the trendiest new choices. Recall that you are refreshing your closet. The foundation, even if you are treating yourself to a new wardrobe, will be the classics that survive through the trends. Stick to a few classics and a few trendy items.

Neon sweaters were very on trend for this fall and have been carried over into the winter. Just be sure to keep the rest of your outfit simpler to let your sweater stand out and keep things balanced.

Slouchy and over-sized sweaters are a staple of mine every winter. These are perfect for a casual and comfortable look, while still looking trendy.

Having a classic turtleneck is always nice to have on hand as well. A well-fitting neutral turtleneck is a winter wardrobe essential. They stand alone well for a casual look. Paired with the right jacket or blazer your look becomes professional or dressy. That turtleneck can be versatile! This turtleneck is a great basic.

If you haven’t invested in a good quality cashmere sweater, this is the year to take the plunge! Having a well-fitting cashmere sweater that you can throw on and feel luxurious in is a winter basic that is needed in everyone’s closet. Trust me, it’s worth it.

TIP:  Choosing neutrals, blacks, and some animal print pieces will increase the number of outfits that you can create.


Sweater Dresses

During the winter switching to sweaters is pretty standard but one of my favorite things to add to refresh my winter wardrobe is a sweater dress. These dresses are the perfect way to stay warm while still showing some skin. You can even add some tights for added warmth — I like to find one with a nice design.

This mini navy sweater dress with lace detail is adorable.

Sweater dresses can range from form fitting to slouchy. This makes them perfect to wear in a casual setting or a little more dressed up. I think they are perfect for Christmas dinner. No need to worry about your pants getting to tight either.

Pair your sweater dress with a pair of boots at any length – knee high, over the calf, or even booties, to create a put together winter look. The sweater dress is definitely a winter wardrobe essential.

Summing Up

There are many different ways to update your closet for the upcoming winter season. When shopping, keep in mind your lifestyle and your own personal style. Even though some things are on trend, that does not mean that you have to like them. It’s your comfort and your look!

There are so many wonderful winter wardrobe choices available to you this year. Some winter wardrobe items are essential and others you may just want to pick up because they are stylish for the season.  

What are your winter wardrobe necessities? Let us know below?

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