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Lingerie covers a very wide range of ladies undergarments. It may be a bra, panties, a set, nightwear or even a bodysuit. It might also be considered a “hot topic” currently as there is more publicity on the subject of women no longer being viewed as sex objects. There are many who would say that dressing up in lingerie is sexist and should disappear into history.

However, lingerie can be very comfortable to wear and many women suggest that wearing a sexy undergarment empowers them, making them feel more confident. We don’t really want to get involved in debating whether lingerie is good or not so good in the modern era but we know many women still enjoy wearing it, whether for their own comfort and confidence or as a means of turning their husband or boyfriend on, on a special occasion.

We don’t want to become involved in whether lingerie is a good or not so good topic but as we know there are still many women who enjoy wearing these garments we have included an interesting selection here and even more variety in our SHOP. We hope you will find something to your taste.

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