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Hi! Suzanne and Elle here. You probably already have our free book, My Body-MyRules: 22 Steps to a Positive and Confident You. If you don’t just head over to the sidebar or the bottom and get your copy. Just give us your email and you will get the book right away.

But that’s not the only free book our publisher, Northern Carib LLC, offers. There are four other sites with free books and here is a quick introduction to each one.

One of the more popular sites is BestWeightLossTips. Wow, we all need that in the time of lockdown and stay home. And another one for you when you can’t get to the gym and need a new idea of what’s for dinner: BestBodyBuildingRecipes.  Titles of articles on these sites include

There are 3 FREE BOOKS on offer on both of these sites in addition to all the articles on the sites, so don’t miss getting more tips and advice.

Now maybe you are an energetic and strong woman who can master survival skills to keep yourself and your family safe. Then you should check out our survival site. In times of plague, like now, maybe you want to do more than lockdown and stay home.  Maybe you want to escape completely.  Or maybe you want to prepare for the coronapocalypse.  The site for survival advice is TopSurvivalGear and you can find it here.

Article titles include:

You can also download 3 FREE BOOKS with loads of additional advice.

And finally, our publisher also has 2 sites with relationship advice. That’s probably something everyone needs right now. One is tilted toward finding a boyfriend, but much of the advice in there is good for any relationship.

That site is called FindBetterMen. The articles and the books really give practical tips on a better relationship with the opposite sex in all kinds of scenarios.  There are 3 books for download and the signup form is on the home page.

Here is a taste of the articles:

The other book is dating tips for men and is called impress-beautiful-women There are lots of tips and advice for men looking for a serious relationship and advice on how to meet and form real lasting relationships.

Some of the articles are:

Not only that the are 3 FREE BOOKS you can download with lots of insights into dating and relationships.

We hope you are enjoying and learning from our book My Body-My Rules. Here’s to your health and best wishes for continuing stay at home safety.

Thanks for reading what we write.

Suzanne and Elle

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