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Summer Fashion: Building a Top Notch Plus Size Wardrobe

Our Summer fashion pick’s will help you build the perfect plus size summer wardrobe. They will have you looking and feeling your best all Summer long! With Summer finally here and the vibrant 2019 color pallet, revamping your Summer wardrobe couldn’t be easier.  

From cute Summer dresses to swimsuits and accessories. I know our Summer fashion picks will have you looking and feeling sexy all day long.

I never felt my legs looked good enough to warrant wearing a pair of shorts, and my arms not shapely enough for tank tops.  Wearing “cute” sundresses brought about a whole new issue, and I know that every curvy gal out there, is personally familiar with chafing. One night out on the town in a dress brought about days of pain and discomfort from the feeling of my inner thighs being on fire. So needless to say, my summer wardrobe existed out of baggy shorts so I could hide my figure and t-shirts so I could hide my arms. But NO more!

Trendy Plus Size Fashion

With trendy plus size fashions becoming readily available, I was able to find clothes that where flattering to my figure, along with colors and prints to express my personality. Every year the fashion industry for curvy plus size fashions is expanding and I, for one couldn’t be happier. So we’re going to kick it of with some beautiful Summer Dresses

This halter maxi dress is striking in Royal Blue. It has enough stretch in the material so its comfortable to sit in. The fabric hangs beautifully and with a cinched waist and O-ring buckle it draws the eye away from the waist line. Perfect for those of us with a few extra pounds in the mid section. The Star Vixen Women’s Plus-Size Sleeveless O-Ring Maxidress is available in a selection of size options

Summer Fashion Shorts and Tops

Everyone deserves to feel and look fabulous in clothes that reflect their personal style, and can actually keep them cool during the Summer months. The message that plus size women aren’t supposed to wear certain things in hotter months because it was once labeled as inappropriate has now become a label of the past. Designers are taking the curvy plus size body type and creating fashionable apparel that accentuates our alluring curves. Next up are shorts and tops, because lets be honest, that’s all we really want to wear during these hot Summer months!

These Silver shorts fit amazing. They are super comfortable and from the first time I slipped them on they felt like and old pair of familiar jeans. The kind of shorts you want to spend all day in whether it be lounging around the house or going out with friends.

These cargo shorts are my go too when I want to wear a longer short. They come in a variety of colors so they are super easy to mix and match with your current wardrobe. They are super comfy and wear really well. Everyone needs a couple staple shorts in their summer wardrobe and these certainly fit the bill.

I know most of us curvy plus size women tend to lean more towards darker colors as they apparently make someone look slimmer. Well I say “to hell with that.” These cute white shorts and enjoy the summer. I love that I can wear just about any top with these shorts and they look fabulous.

This top is available in different colors and patterns so if you’re like me, you will want to order this top in a few different colors. I get so many compliments on how gorgeous this top looks on me every time I wear it. It has become one of my favorite tops in my new summer wardrobe.

The fabric is soft and very comfortable. It’s very flowy and looks adorable. The way this tank top hangs covers everything you might be self conscious of. It can be worn with a light cardigan to the office then ditch the cardigan to go out with friends in the evening. Looks great with jeans, leggings or a skirt.

If you prefer a camisole with cute designs then this top is perfect for you. This Cami comes in a rayon-spandex fabric, giving you a comfortable fit. It’s lightweight and breezy and it drapes away from the body for a loose, relaxed fit.

Bathing Suits

For a curvy plus size woman shopping for clothes that are flattering can be a daunting chore, but shopping for a swim suit is a whole different level of overwhelming. Most of my adult life I would begin stressing over the upcoming Summer fashion season from the moment the snow would start to melt! But this year, I was actually excited to go swimsuit shopping for the first time in years.

This bathing suit is amazing. I love that the rushing camouflage my stomach. An area that I am self conscious of and prefer to keep hidden. In this bathing suit I feel like a model.

If you are more of a 1-piece swimwear kinda gal then check out this sexy swim suit. This 1 piece is cute, sexy and functional. I love the peek a boo lace sides and the plunging neckline. Just the right amount of coverage for us curvy women but still sexy as hell.

Sometimes a girl just wants to wear fringes! This fringed bikini will certainly fit the bill. Personally I love the lime green but it is available in an array of colors. The higher bottom keeps everything tucked in and the top helps keep “the girls” in place for those of us with extra cleavage. 


Last but not least, our favorite accessories to help top off any of your Summer fashion outfits this season. From trendy shell-jewelry to beach bags and sandals. With these outfits and accessories you will feel like the bell of the ball!

Shell jewelry is very trendy this year and I really like the Caroline gold shell jewelry line. I have bigger wrists so the fact that this bracelet is a slide style I am able to slide it on and off my wrists comfortably.

This beach bag is our favorite because of the versatility.  The top of this bag is mesh allowing the sand to just fall out. The bottom is a super convenient insulated thermal cooler, perfect for snacks or a few cold beverages.

These totally adorable low wedge heel, open toe sandal pair really well with any Summer dress. For those of us that just can’t do stilettos but aren’t necessarily ready for a closet full of flats. These shoes are super comfy and easy on the feet.

This soft white leather shoulder bag is sure to please the masses. It has plenty of room with it’s two compartments to carry whatever you might need to go from morning till night. Also available in other colors.

Some Final Thoughts

Whether you have a special vacation planned or dozens of trips to the beach this Summer, having a wardrobe full of Summer fashion that makes you feel sexy and looking fabulous is never a bad thing.  Anything is possible during Summer so you might as well have a closet full of clothes that prepare you for whatever adventures this Summer season has in store for you.

We hope you like these Summer fashion items as much as I do. Make sure you also read our article about Protecting your hair from the sun, salt and chlorine.

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