Best Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machines | Are RF Machines an Anti-Aging Miracle?

Anti-Aging Treatment at Home

When it comes to getting more youthful and beautiful skin, some of us will try anything. We have tried new creams, expensive serums, and even painful masks on our journey to have gorgeous and ageless skin. 

Then there are the far more extreme measures of going through invasive procedures and even going under the knife. These usually require a lot of healing and downtime. They also make a dent in your wallet.

So, when a treatment can provide real results without having to step foot into a dermatologist’s office or be a guinea pig for a new ingredient, we pay attention.

That is where at home radio frequency skin tightening machines come into play.

Top at Home RF Skin Tightening Machines

Using an RF skin tightening machine at home is a great alternative to an in-office treatment, because you are able to give yourself sessions throughout the week without leaving your home.  As long as you follow the directions thoroughly, you should have little to no redness or irritation.

Not every RF machine is created equal. Here are our choices and an extra non-RF idea from France

What Is RF Skin Tightening?

Radio frequency skin tightening machines may look and sound like something out of a Sci-fi movie, but these innovative skincare devices are great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. They also, as the name suggests, help to tighten skin, which can help contour certain areas of your body and face.

All of these great results can be achieved with a simple, easy to use, at-home skin care device.

Keep reading to learn more about what radio frequency skin tightening machines are, the pros and cons of using an at-home device, and how to choose the best one for you. We also included our list of the top 5 radio frequency skin tightening devices on the market.

What is a Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machine?

Radio frequency, RF, skin tightening machines use an effective, non-invasive technique to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. They help to rejuvenate your skin by improving the underlying structure. RF skin tightening machines have also been used to diminish cellulite and other fat deposits.

These treatments work best on areas of loose and lax skin that do not have a lot of muscle, such as under the chin and neck area.

These treatments can be performed with little to no recovery time as they do not involve surgery, lasers, or other invasive methods. This makes it a great alternative for those who want to try out cosmetic treatments, without having to “go under the knife”.

RF skin tightening is usually performed in a dermatologist’s office, spa, or cosmetic surgeon’s office.

With new innovations, you can now perform this anti-aging treatment in the comfort of your own home, using a personal radio frequency skin tightening device.

This machine stimulates your body’s natural collagen and elastin production so results do not appear instantly. You will gradually see improvements to your skin as these levels increase. The amount of time it takes to see results depends on a few different factors, which we will get into below. Both in-office and at-home treatments will show results within four weeks and have the potential to last two years.

Well, now that we know what RF skin tightening machines are – let’s find out how they work?

How Do RF Skin Tightening Machines Work?

RF skin tightening machines work by generating heat to the dermis level of the skin. Since radio frequency deeply penetrates to this level, it is much more effective than other topical skincare treatments, such as creams or serums.

The heat causes minor localized injuries in the collagen-filled dermis. These concentrated injuries stimulate your body’s natural healing process and do not cause any severe or permanent damage. Do not be afraid!

This heating process may sound uncomfortable but it is usually painless and causes no noticeable damage to the surface of your skin, or the epidermis. Due to the lack of damage to the outer layer of your skin, the side effects of this treatment are highly decreased.

Collagen is a fibrous protein that is a necessary part of the skin’s structure. It helps to add volume to the face and body, filling in wrinkles and fine lines. This helps to give a more youthful appearance. Collagen also aids in the production of hyaluronic acid and elastin. Hyaluronic acid keeps our skin moisturized, while elastin is responsible for how firm and tight skin is.

As we age, our collagen and elastin production begins to slow down. That is why treatments to rejuvenate a youthful complexion, such as RF skin tightening, are so popular.

When the dermis is heated at a certain temperature, the collagen fibers found inside begin to tighten. This causes the collagen-producing cells within the surrounding area to be stimulated and generate new, healthy collagen.

For those that are younger and are looking for preventative treatments, you still may want to consider using an RF skin tightening device. Continued healthy collagen production from a young age can slow down the aging process.

It is much easier to maintain healthy, youthful skin than trying to reverse the effects of aging later. (Using an at-home RF skin tightening device is also much less painful than preventative Botox!)

So, Do At-Home Treatments Really Work?

There have been multiple studies done on the effectiveness of at-home radio frequency skin tightening devices. A study performed by the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology in 2014 found that 90% of those using their at-home devices saw a reduction in their wrinkles and also tightening of their skin.

When radio frequency skin tightening treatments first became popular, they could only be performed in-office by a licensed professional. Even these in-office treatments were far different. These treatments required sedation and a lot of downtime for recovery.

Fast forward to present day, RF skin treatments are performed quickly and easily, in-office and at-home. The devices that can be used at home are affordable and come with a variety of options.

The at-home devices are not as powerful as the ones you would find in a dermatologist’s office, since those are meant to provide results with only a few treatments. But although you will need to use your at-home device multiple times a week for several weeks, it is only for a short time each session.

Compared to the average radio frequency skin tightening appointment, that ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 per session, an at-home device will usually only run you $50 to $1,000 total to purchase the device. You would need a regimen of multiple in-office treatments to achieve desired results – and that amount for each appointment really adds up.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Results of RF skin tightening machines take some time to see. This is due to it working with your body’s natural process of producing collagen and elastin. It usually takes four weeks to start seeing results, which will gradually continue for up to the next 6 months. These results can then last for up to 2 years.

One factor that affects how fast you see results is how serious your sagging skin, wrinkles, or cellulite are. If you need powerful anti-aging treatments, you may want to consult your dermatologist, as an at-home device may not be strong enough to see the results you desire.

The power of the machine that you are using will also determine how fast results are seen.

Another factor is the number of times you use your device each week. Keeping up with your treatments, as the device you are using suggests, will also affect your results.

The gradual appearance of results is another reason why some people love this form of anti-aging treatment. Many prefer natural results, as opposed to over dramatic and fast ones that can look very noticeable, like you have had work done.

Pros of Adding an At-Home RF Skin Tightening to Your Skincare Regimen

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Devices Can Help Minimize or Remove Cellulite

Cellulite is when the skin has a lumpy or dimpled appearance. They appear when deposits of fat push through the connective tissue found under the skin. Unfortunately, cellulite usually affects more women than men. In fact, it is estimated that 80%-90% of women will experience it in their lifetime. You can find cellulite in fattier areas, like your thighs or butt.

Treatments Are Virtually Painless

Compared to other invasive anti-aging treatments, RF devices are painless. Most individuals will not experience anything more than slight heat in treatment areas.

Tightens Sagging Skin and Wrinkles

Visible signs of aging include sagging skin, crepiness, fine lines, and wrinkles. The production of new, healthy collagen and elastin is what helps to minimize or eliminate these signs of aging. Also, the localized energy that these devices provide is able to give amazing results.

Contours Face and Body

RF skin tightening machines can reshape areas that individuals usually have a hard time tightening on their own, through diet and exercise. The chin and thighs can easily be contoured with these at-home devices.


Unlike other procedures, this treatment is able to tighten and contour the body without cutting, poking, prodding, or extensive recovery.

Provides Long Lasting Results

The natural healing process that RF skin tightening devices triggers causes results to last longer. Potentially once you reach your desired results, they can last for up to two years.  

All Skin Colors Can Use It!

Due to the fact that RF skin tightening devices affect the lower level of the skin, all skin colors are able to appreciate the benefits. Unlike other treatments, there is little to no risk of skin discoloration during RF sessions.

Other benefits of at-home RF skin tightening machines are that they give you gorgeous and natural results. They are also much more cost effective than in-office treatments. They are very easy to use in the home. RF skin tightening machines can make a wonderful addition to your anti-aging skin care routine.

Cons of At-Home RF Skin Tightening

You Must Stay Consistent with Your Treatments

In order to see results, you must keep up with your treatments. This may be frustrating, especially because you may not see any results until you reach the four-week mark, but trust us it is worth it.

Does Not Work on Every Body or Every Body Part

Some areas of the body and skin conditions cannot be treated with radiofrequency. There are some skin conditions that cannot be treated by RF skin tightening machines. If you have severe fine lines and wrinkles, you may need a more intense treatment than radio frequency.

A lot of hanging, sagging, or loose skin, such as after significant weight loss, may not be able to be fixed through RF either. In these cases, you may want to talk to your dermatologist about what other options you have to get your desired results.

In some instances, severe sagginess will appear to improve, but it will need to be repeated more frequently to maintain results.

If you are pregnant or have a chronic health condition, you may want to also consult your doctor to see if this would be safe for you.

Could Potentially Cause Redness, Inflammation, or Other Side Effects

To avoid redness or inflammation avoid the temptation to perform extra sessions on yourself. This can increase the chance of side effects. Remember it is a natural, gradual process and it takes some time.

Other possible side effects, that are less common, include scarring, burning, skin discoloration, redness, inflammation, swelling, sensitivity in treatment areas, and pain in treatment areas.

Another Anti-Aging Treatment–Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a popular treatment in France. This helps to reduce swelling and puffiness by detoxifying fluids, such as excess cell debris and fatty acids.

In fact, lymphatic drainage is a great anti-aging treatment that can be used as a part of your skincare routine with your at-home radio frequency skin tightening device, even if it doesn’t have a massager.

One of the most popular ways to give yourself a massage to promote lymphatic drainage at home quickly and easily is with a jade roller. Here is a link to our favorite jade roller, the GingerChi Anti-Aging Jade Roller.

Check out this video to learn more about how using a jade roller can help your complexion.

So, are At-Home Radio Frequency Machines Really an Anti-Aging Skincare Miracle?

At-home RF skin tightening machines are a great way to bring a cosmetic treatment right to your home. These devices provide amazing results and people seem to love them. With all the benefits of skin tightening, decreasing cellulite, minimizing wrinkles and fine lines, it sounds like a dream machine.

But is it a miracle?

Well, yes and no. Depending on the severity of your signs of aging, cellulite, or sagging skin these devices may work for you or they may not. If you are really unsure, speak to your dermatologist, but you really won’t know until you try. Now, if these products worked for everyone, then they would be a true miracle.

Don’t get us wrong, RF skin tightening devices are still awesome and we love that they are now available for at home use. Many people have had great results using these products. The at-home RF devices are also a great anti-aging preventative treatment as well.

Our advice is to try it out and reap the benefits. Even if it is a small difference, increasing collagen and elastin production is always a good thing. We are all for anything that helps us keep wrinkles or cellulite at bay.

What do you think? Have you tried these out before? Or have you had an in-office session in the past? What was your experience like? What were your results?  Let us know in the comments below!

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