10PCS Portable Alcohol Sterilization Wipes Disinfection Antiseptic Alcohol Pads Swabs Wet Wipes


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Feature Can effectively and quickly kill germs fungi cocci and viruses etc Mild and non irritating not hurting the skin Single chip independent small package safe and hygienic Small size easy to carry Wipe door handles doors elevator buttons and other public place items and disinfect childrens toys Specification NameAlcohol WipesSizePacking specification 15×8 5cm 5 9×3 35 Size of wipes 18x15cm 7 09×5 9 Ingredients Spunlace non woven fabric RO pure water 75 alcohol benzalkonium chlorideShelf life24 monthsWeight80gPackage Included 1 x10pcs bagAlcohol Pads





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