30ml Hair Growth Essence Preventing Hair Loss Hair Care Essential Treatment Liquid Hair Scalp Care


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Item Type: Hair Growth EssenceNet Content: 30mlIngredient: Arborvitae leaves, safflowerLigusticum chuanxiong Hort, Angelica, GinsengQuantity: 1 BottleEffect:1. Treat your hair with rich nourishment, strengthen the nutrition of hair root, accelerate hair growth, prevent baldness effectively and cure scalp.2. Hair care, moisturize hair, remove oil.3. High-quality gloss, strengthen hair.4. Strong anti-off, dense hair growth.5. A potent anti-dandruff itching.6. Strengthen the hair flexibility.Directions for use:Apply hair growth essence to the root of hair evenly, Two times a day(morning and evening). Increase or reduce the dosage according to the specific condition. If possible, massage for several minutes. Leave it dry and for several hours before you do any thing to your hair.Package Included:1 x Hair Growth Essence





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