3Pcs Disposable Mask Inner Pad PM2.5 Filter Cotton Pad And Mask


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Note Operating instructionTesting standard GB 32610 2016The product description 1 feet 17 3 x 14 6 CM 2 the main protective materials should be cultured and sprayed filtration materials 3 please read the instructions carefully before using this product 4 this product does not produce oxygen and cannot be used in anoxic environment with oxygen concentration lower than 19 5 It is strictly prohibited to be used in toxic gas underwater operation escape and fire fighting environment 5 wear the product for no more than 4 hours at a time If in the case of high infection rate one time use During the outbreak of shortage of supply of masks in the market the masks can be put in the disinfection cabinet for disinfection repeated use only occasionally use masks and in the case of low infection use mouth use times can be extended for 5 times Scope of application This product can be used for the protection of non oil particles non oily substance dust such as mineral dust metal dust fiber dust grain dust or dust etc solid smoke such as welding electrical damage etc living things such as pollen seeds tuberculosis bacillus or mold etc and some fog Wear that1 Take out the mask and be careful not to touch the inside of the mask 2 the mask against the chin mask belt on the ear 3 Arrange the ear band of the mask to fit comfortably 4 Check the tightness between the mouth edge and the face and adjust it appropriately Specification Material The mask i





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