5ML Luminous Rose Nail Polish Glue Diamond Luminous Rose Gold Series Soak-Off UV Gel Polish


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Item:Luminous Nail PolishNet Weight: 5mlWeight: 12gColors:12 Colors for your chooseShelf life: 3 years-How To Use?1. Shape the nail. Lightly buff the surface of the nail plate. Sanitize.2. Apply a thin coat of foundation from the cuticle to the free edge (Remember to seal the edge of the nail). Cure the nails under the LED light for 10 seconds or a UV light for 2 minutes.3. Apply a thin coat of Soak-Off Gel Polish color of choice. Cap free edge. Cure:30 seconds in LED Lamp, or 2 minutes in UV lamp.4. Repeat the 2nd thin coat of the soak off Gel Polish to the nails. Cure under the LED lamp for 30 seconds or a UV light for 2 minutes.5. Apply a thin coat of Top It Off. Cap free edge. Cure:30 seconds in LED lamp.6. Remove the tacky residue on nails with the cleanser. Then, apply nourish cuticle oil to rehydrate moisture into the cuticle and the skin surrounding the nail.- How to Remove?1. Soak off the nails into acrylic remover for about 5 minutes,2. Zip down the whole piece of nail enamel gently on each nail.Package Included:1 x Luminous Nail Polish





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