6 Holes Hydroponic Site Grow Kit Flow DWC Deep Water Culture Planting System

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Description: The kit mainly includes the hydroponic piping system, a pump, planting baskets and sponges. Water tank is not included but you can simply use the bucket in your home. It doesn’t come with a lighting system so you will have to place it in natural light or buy artificial lamps to place over it.Specifications:Material: PVC Pipe Quantity: 4Hole Quantity: 36Dimension (L*W*H): Approx. 96x50x30cmFeatures: 1. Conserve water and nutrients: Avoid the loss and infiltration of nutrient and water, will be fully absorbed and utilized by crops.2. Fully utilize spaces: Soilless cultivation completely freed crops from the soil environment and fullly utilize the more spaces above soil.3. CleanSanitary: Soilless cultivation just need water and nutrient solution to maintain the system. It’s smellless and no need of compost site.4. High yieldgood quality: Soilless cultivation can fulfill the production potential of crops. The yield can be increased in multiples compared with the traditional soil cultivation.5. Easy maintenance: You don’t need to hoe, weed, and manage the vegetables as ever. It saves both time and labour.Warm Tips:1. This item dosen’t include th water tank which is shown in pictures. You can simply find a non-transaprent bucket and cover with a lid to reduce the water evaporation. 2. You may need to prepare somenutrient solution according to the plants you’re growing.3. For convenient transport,we ship it unassembledly. This is a easy-to-assemeble kit, just cost l






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