Amazefan 7in1 Face Massager Rf Microcurrent Mesotherapy Electroporation Led Skin Rejuvenation Remover Wrinkle Lifting Beauty – Multi-functional Beauty Devices


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What is the difference between the 1008 model and the 1005 model?

Model 1005: 7 functions (deep cleansing, revitalizing collagen, lightening acne marks, skin rejuvenation and whitening, skin moisturizing, EMS firming and lifting), 4 types of light therapy (red, blue, purple, orange) The advantages are: the most cost-effective, Can be used by all ages.
Model 1008: 5 kinds of functions (deep cleansing, phototherapy skin rejuvenation, warm lifting, EMS firming and lifting, eye care) 3 kinds of light therapy: (red, green, blue) The advantages are: the equipment material is more durable, massage The head is waterproof and the base can be charged.


Dear friends, we are the only manufacturer and developer of this product. Please look for the AmazeFan brand to avoid damage to your skin by buying fake and shoddy products. The specific functions and usage are explained at the bottom of the page


Brand: AmazeFan

100% brand new!

Mode: 7 modes

Rated power: 4W

Battery capacity: 750mAh

Size: 166 * 50 * 47mm / 6.64x2x1.88 inches

Charging voltage: 5V / 1A

Charging time: about 3 hours

The package includes:

1 * Electric facial instrument

1 * USB cable


1 *Manual (Chinese, English)

[Positive and negative ions] Using the principle of mutual attraction between positive and negative ions, the dirt in the deep holes is washed away by the biological current and thoroughly cleaned. Cosmetic ingredients penetrate into the lower layers of the skin through iontophoresis.

[Vibration] Mechanical vibration and tension stimulation can tighten human skin, increase elasticity and improve skin cell metabolism.

[Warm] Hot massage promotes absorption, stretches the skin texture, and makes the skin plump.

[Three-color function] Red and bright; orange and blue maintenance lights.

[7 modes] firm skin, lighten skin tone, resist wrinkles, remove wrinkles, remove face, cleanse and detox.

The AmazeFan brand focuses on household multifunctional beauty care equipment.

Since 2020, it has been supported by many buyers at home and abroad.

You can enjoy 7 kinds of beauty treatments and skin care services at home with just one 7-in-1 beauty instrument. Enjoy the fun of DIY

AmazeFan is a great choice for rewarding yourself and giving gifts! ! !

AmazeFan has a professional quality inspection process and makes products with care. We provide 15 days no reason to return and exchange, 1 year warranty. It is our aim to do a good job of products and services to good users.

Smooth out fine lines and tighten skin

Effective solutions to skin problems

Sagging skin

Deep wrinkles

Signs of sun damage

If you are about to stay up late, work overtime, travel for a long time, and like to sunbathe. Then your skin will be gradually damaged, and you need a powerful beauty device to help you take care of your skin.

Deep cleaning (to clean makeup residue and dust grease after makeup removal)

Recommended reason: If the makeup with high saturation is not cleaned in time, it will clog pores and turn into acne and blackheads, which will be more difficult to remove.

Negative ion introduction nourishing mode

Recommended reason: suitable for dry skin to moisturise and repair. This function can help promote the absorption of skin care products and masks, decompose macromolecular nutrients through ion technology, make the skin absorb faster, and improve the skin care effect of skin care products +++)

Rejuvenate collagen mode (that is, RF red light mode)

Recommended reason: This function can promote the synthesis and regeneration of collagen, tighten the skin, improve skin elasticity, lighten and remove wrinkles)

EMS Microcurrent Mode

Recommended reason: Improve skin lines and make facial contours more three-dimensional

The perfect partner for winter skin care

You can use the heating mode to help the fast absorption of masks, essences, lotions and other products, allowing you to enjoy the happiness and comfort of skin care even more.

Small and portable home beautician

It can be used without linking the power supply. Very stylish and beautiful, you can take it anywhere. It can be charged using USB. Super convenient.

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