Aquarium Fish Tank Water Plant Fertilizer Root Nutrient Aquatic 100/200/500g


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Features:Can prevent the roots of water plants rot, and promote the healthy development of the roots.Does not contain nitrate and phosphate, harmless to fish, will not breed algae, easy to use.This product is concentrated slow release type of base fertilizer, containing the growth of aquatic plants required Na, Mg, P, K, Fe and other major elements and trace elements.Using a special manufacturing technology made into a granular, containing slow release layer can slowly release the nutrients, the effectiveness of up to 12-24 months. The PH value and the KH value are not changed.Specification: Material: Base fertilizerColor: BrownType: 100/200/500gThe diameter of each fertilizer: about 2-4mm Usage: (Take 100g as an example)1. Lay a layer of 1-2cm sand2. Evenly covered with aquatic base fertilizer, fish tank area in the use of 60 * 30cm20-50g, use with the area and species of plants to decide3. Lay a layer of sand scenery, add 1/3 of the water, you can plant the water plants.Packing Includes: 1 xAquarium Plant FertilizerPlease Note: 1. Please allow 1-3cm error due tomanual measurement. 2. Please understand that colors mayexist chromatic aberration.





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