Cat Eye Magnet Spar UV Gel Polish Special Soft Elastic Fancy Cylindrical Powerful Magnet Nail Tool


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Item Type: Cat Eye Magnet SparColor: BlackMaterial: Magnet, SiliconeSize: App6.2*0.7cm / 2.44*0.28 inchHow to use:1.File nails with sponge file,2.Shape nail with steel push,3.Apply primer wait 5 seconds apply thin layer of base coat,4.Cure gel under UV lamp 2min5.Apply a thin layer of cat eye nail gel cure gel under UV lamp 2 min6.Apply a thin layer of cat eye nail gel again,7.With the original magnet surface alignment nails suck direction lines magnet decision,8.Apply a layer of Top coat cure gel under UV lamp 2 minPackage Included:1 X Cat Eye Magnet Spar





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