Dental Teeth Cleaning Tools Mirror Dental Probe Tweezer Teeth Stain Cleaning Tool Oral Care

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Item Type Teeth Cleaning Tool Material Stainless steel Types 01 Complete Kits 02 Odontoscope Length 16 2cm Net Weight 21 1g 03 Tweezer Lebgth 15 7cm Net Weight 25 6g 04 Hoe Type Cleaning Tool Length 17cm Net Weight 16 2g 05 Dental probe Length 17cm Net Weight 16 6g 06 Drepaniform Cleaning Tool Length 17 1cm Net Weight 16 6g 07 Teeth Stain Cleaning Tool Length 17 2cm Net Weight 17g Features 1 Suitable for both professional dentists and personal use in oral and dental care 2 Anti Fogodontoscope Perfect to see inside the mouth 3 Teeth stain cleaning tool Excavated out the nonviable softening tissues and teeth stain 4 Hoe type cleaning tool Stirke off the tartar from the backteeth 5 Dental probe Removes food from teeth easily 6 Drepaniform cleaning tool Cleans In hard to reach places 7 Tweezer Cleannecrotic tissue and food residue Package Included 1 X Single Or Set According to your choice





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