Face Cleaning Brush Long Handle Bamboo Deep Claening Pore Massage Facial Brush Face Care Tool


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Item Type Face Cleaning BrushSuitable Skin Type Neutral and dry skin Net Weight 31g How to use 1 Soften and sterilize the brush with hot water before use 2 With facial cleanser or make up remover gently massage the face to deeply clean pores and dirt 3 Use twice a day Note Wipe dried the brush each time after use and hang it in a dry place and let it air dried for more Clean the bath brush 1 Fill bathroom sink half full with the hot tap water 2 Pour in 1 2 cup baking soda and 1 2 cup white vinegar to the water 3 Soak the bath brush into the water and allow it there for about 20 minutes Stir the brush around in the water to work dirt free from the brush 4 Check the brush by rinsing it in another sink under running water Resubmerge the bath brush if necessary into the vinegar and baking soda solution and you can also use an old tooth brush to help remove the stubborn dirt 5 Then rinse it with clean water Package Included 1 XFace Cleaning Brush





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