Hair Removal Cream Painless Away Depilatory Bubble Wax Body Bikini Legs Armpit Hair Remover Silky Foam Mousse In Spray B


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Item Type:Hair Removal CreamIngredients: Plant extractsSuitable for skin type: any skin typeSun Protection Index: SPF1-10Net content: 98mlFeatures:-Adopted Pure Natural ingredients, it’s suitable to be used on Bikini, Underarm, Arm and Legs.-Gentle hair removal- Gentle plant extracts in this hair removal bubble could relieve skin irritation and shrink pores without painful hair removal-Long last smoothness This Hair Removal Spray removes body hair from roots, keep skin silky and supple.-Inhibition of growth – The hair suppressing molecules of the product reach the hair follicles, blocking growth nutrition, and slower hair growing.-Repairnourishment a variety of botanical extracts gently depilate, nourish and protect, make skin elastic.Package includes :1 x Hair Removal Cream





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