JWOWW Fit Life Dynamic Dark Intensifier Tanning Lotion


A favorite at tanning salons! You may have been offered a sample of this wonderful lotion before at your local tanning salon. It is extremely popular as it really works FAST! This hydrating blend of silicone and emollients smooth and promote healthy skin. The proprietary Fitness Formula with caffeine energizes, tones, and tightens skin. Added calming Stevia rejuvenates skin while anti-oxidating green tea slows environmental damage and moisturizes the skin. There are lots of additional vitamins that improve skin texture. This formula contains Shea Butter, Vitamin A, and E, prolong your tan while raspberry protects from color damage so it is also a good option for tattooed skin. Additional beeswax soothes and hydrates your skin keeping your artwork looking sharp.

As an extra bonus, it is around $20 cheaper to buy it here than at your salon! 

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