Mini HIFU Radar V-Shape Anti-Wrinkle Skin Tightening Face Lift Device Face Beauty Instrument


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Item Type: Face Lift MachineColor: WhiteMaterial: ABS plasticInput Voltage: 100-240V 50-60HzOutput: 24V 1APower: 24WWorking Frequency: 4MHZFunctions.1. Face/ neck Lifting: Accelerate metabolism and massaging and lifting your face usually can remove double chin, shape your V face.2. Tightening skin: Activate collagen, RF and HIFU double effect, tighten skin, improve gloss, moist and flexible, the activation of bone collagen hyperplasia.3. Anti- aging/ remove wrinkles: Massaging and lifting your neck usually can remove wrinkles, Fine line and anti-aging.4. Improve eye skin condition:Place around eyes are tender, so please use low level to care your eyes around. It can remove fine lines and dark circles.Operation Steps:1. Firstly, you need to clean the treatment area( If it has make up, you need to remove make up then using cleanser to clean the area)2. Connect the power line, Press the round button to turn on the machine( There has a large round button on each side of the button, press any one of them can turn on the machine, press it when the light turn to light , the machine is on, if you need to turn off the machine, press the button to 1.5 seconds3. The depths and energy of the machine can be adjusted when the machine turns on, We suggest 4.5mm to operating on face4. The energy of the Ultrasound and RF have 3 levels: Low, Medium, High. The round button on the handle can adjust the power of the RF. The reverse button can adjust the power of the Mechanical wave. The round bu





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