Phillip Adam Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo


Phillip Adam uses the natural cleansing and clarifying power of apple cider vinegar in this shampoo to keep your hair from becoming too oily. Don’t worry it doesn’t smell like apple cider vinegar. This shampoo gets its yummy green apples and orange-vanilla scent from pure essential oils. It also contains wheat and oat proteins to moisturize and soften your hair. Although it can give you a deep clean, it is a gentle formula that can even be used on those with color-treated hair. This is a great option for those looking for a deep clean that is not too harsh. We love that it provides excellent foam and removes product build-up in one wash.

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  • SULFATE FREE SHAMPOO THAT LATHERS: Our sulfate-free shampoo formula includes natural surfactants obtained from coconut which work as cleansing and foaming agents. It effectively cleans the hair and scalp from all the toxins and product debris that build up over time.
  • ALL-NATURAL BASED INGREDIENTS: Clean shampoo formula based on plant-derived ingredients and botanical extracts that will nourish your hair in the long run. Great for anyone with a sensitive scalp.
  • GIVES EXTRA SHINY HAIR: Powerful Apple Cider Vinegar formula gives noticeable shine to your hair after one wash. Balances the pH of your hair and scalp, prevents frizzies and gives strong and healthy hair over time.
  • SMELLS DELICIOUS: Fresh and long-lasting green apple scent. No chemicals. Derived from all-natural Apple Extract, Pear extract and lime essential oil.
  • FREE OF ANY HARSH INGREDIENTS: Specially formulated and suitable for everyday use on color-treated hair, oily hair and virgin heads of hair. No Parabens, No Harsh Preservatives, No Dyes, No Silicones, No Phthalates and safe for the whole family. It is also Sulfate Free, Gluten Free, Cruelty-Free and Vegan.


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