Popfeel Eyebrow Enhancer Gel Waterproof Long Lasting Eye Makeup ColoredBrown Black Coffee 4 Colors

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Brand Name: Popfeel Type: Eyebrow Gel Color: 01, 02, 03, 04 Weight: App 10g Quantity: 1Pc Formulation: Cream Waterproof / Water-Resistant: YesAdvantage: Easy to Wear, Long-lasting, NaturalPackage Included: 1 X Eyebrow GelHow to use 1.After trimming the eyebrows without applying skincare product or makeup, apply a liberal amount according to the desired shape of the eyebrow.(Apply a liberal amount to remove the pack easily.) 2.Dry for at least 2 hours. For stronger coloration, apply before going to bed at night and remove the next morning. 3.After drying completely, remove slowly starting from the tail of the eyebrow. (Do not remove the pack forcibly since it may pull out the eyebrow.) 4.Do not use a cleansing product (product with detergency) or apply force on the eyebrow area within 24 hours of using the product.,,





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