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Feature Magic Silicone Gloves Thermal Insulation The double sided design of bristles and granules can replace scouring pads and isolate external stimuli It is very convenient to wash the pot and wash the furnace gap Washing the fruit tidying up the pets hair cleaning the toilet is very efficient and fast With heat insulation not afraid of burns Both Sides Can Be Worn Both bristles and granules are designed for both sides There are two ways to wear them The scope of use is very wide The bristles on one side can replace the cleaning tools such as rags and steel balls to strongly clean the oil The other side can be used as ordinary gloves or insulated gloves No Need For Rags Cleaning Is More Convenient High quality dense 8mm bristles no need to wipe the cloth when cleaning only a small amount of detergent can quickly foam with both hands easy to take away the stains Anti scalding And Heat Resistant The glove is made of environmentally friendly silicone material It is resistant to high temperature 20 200 C It is non toxic and has no odor The thickness is moderate It can be taken from the microwave oven and steamer It is not afraid of burns It can also be boiled for high temperature disinfection Wash It Off With A Flush Make full use of the hydrophobicity and anti staining properties of silicone materials When cleaning gloves you only need to rub your hands with your palms Flexible And Wear Resistant Silicone material is very soft and elastic not easy





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