Upgraded Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Set USB charging 3 Speeds Automatic Quickly Wash Spin Dryer Machine Kit


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Item Type Makeup Brush Cleaner KitMaterial Plastic siliconeColor Black WhiteWeight 344gPackage Size About 16 5 12 4 14 3cm 6 50 4 88 5 63 inchMotor Speed 5000 rpm in first gear8000 rpm in second gear10000 rpm in third gearBattery Voltage 3 7VRecharging Current 5VCharging Voltage 1AOperating Voltage 3 7VMaximum Power Less than 7 5WFeatures 1 3 Adjustable Speedd The Makeup Brush Cleaner has low mediun and super high speed which rotates 5000 10000 revolutions per minute at 360 degrees 2 The makeup brush cleaner dryer is rechargeable and easy to carry when travelling Moreover our makeup brush spinning cleaner is VERY low noise and automatically paused by continually pressing 5 seconds on the button 3 Efficient cleaningdrying The makeup brush cleaner spray quick dry machine has a powerful motor inside which can quickly cleandry the makeup brush in 10 seconds 90 time is savend It is much easier cleaner more quickly than makeup brush mat cleaner 4 Rubber collars suit for most of brushes size 6 different sizes 4mm 7mm 10mm 15mm 18mm 24mm and they can perfectly fit most of your makeup brushes 5 You will get a mini electric Fan as a FREE GIFT which can be used to blow dry again after you have dried the makeup brush making sure the brush is completely dry And the process of using makeup brush cleaner machine is quiet interesting 6 Keep skin healthy In daily use the makeup brush cleaner spinner machine will accumulate dead skin cells dirt





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