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Is “The Sleep Styler” Your New Hairstyling Miracle?

The Sleep Styler is on its way to becoming all the rage after its appearance on Shark Tank, and it’s not surprising, many women find themselves in the long hair vs. short hair dilemma and ease of styling is usually the determining factor.

But is this the right product for you?  There have been so many fad products that have come and gone, is this the next banana clip? Bumpits? Or sponge roller set? As an experienced salon hairstylist, I’m ready with the facts you need to know about the sleep styler, and whether or not it is right for you!

The Sleep Styler Product Design

Using cloth to curl your hair overnight is not even remotely a new concept, just think of films set in the Victorian era with women and girls wearing those little rag rollers in their hair, or the sponge rollers you once wore as a girl.

The sleep styler is the same basic concept, only fine tuned. No clips, or pins here, these rollers are cloth tubes, made with soft ultra-absorbent fabric, filled with memory foam, with an attached velcro strap. It’s nice that they are an all in one design, you don’t have to worry about losing pieces, and no clips or pins also means no lines of demarcation when you wake up the next morning and pull your rollers out. This you will remember if you ever wore sponge rollers.

There are two options, large or small rollers. They can be purchased, six at a time for large, twelve at a time for small in a convenient plastic carrying case for roughly thirty dollars a set. The fabric casing can be laundered, once the foam is removed, keeping your Sleep Styler in tip top shape!

Using the Sleep Styler in Your Hair

In my opinion, the ideal hair type for Sleep Styler use would be normal density hair. If you have too little hair, or fine hair, you might have difficulty getting volume at the root, or getting the rollers to stay. My recommendation in this case is to use a volumizing mousse or root lifting foam and pre-dry the hair with a hair dryer at the roots only, before applying the rollers.

If you have really thick hair you might be also be at a disadvantage. You will need more rollers in this case, or your hair simply will not dry. It would also be imperative that you get your hair mostly dry before wrapping

Although the Sleep Styler claims that you can use it to straighten hair, in the case of super curly, textured hair, I don’t recommend it. The curlier your hair is, the more tension is necessary to smooth it out, and you just can’t get that kind of tension with this product, especially if your hair is really curly at the root.

If you are looking more for frizz control on moderately curly, or really wavy hair, I’d say give it a go. In fact normal density, wavy hair is probably the most ideal texture for the Sleep Styler.

The thing I find strange is that the website doesn’t really say anything about the use of styling products. I personally used a lightweight styling cream cocktailed with a root lifting styling foam. You will want to stay away from any products that make the hair too slippery, or the Sleep Styler will fall out. Finish the look with a flexible hold hairspray and your style should last for a few days!

What Makes the Sleep Styler Worth the Money?

The Sleep Styler’s appeal is undeniable. Waking up with already styled hair. That is a game changer for many women, including my clients, who often feel long hair is not an option, due to their busy lifestyle.

Equally important, this is easy to use and, with practice, results can look darn close to salon quality. Best of all, Sleep Styler is perfectly harmless to hair. A great option for hair that is chemically or mechanically compromised, because it doesn’t require heat or excessive tension.

Women spend hundreds of dollars on styling fads every year. Sleep Styler is based on a hairstyling practice that has been used for a very very long time, but that is what makes it worth the money. They’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, just simplify it, and as a stylist, that is something I can respect.

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