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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Fashion Lovers

Well it is that time of year again and there are plenty of gifts to buy.

Trying to figure out the perfect gift for that special someone in your life can be complicated.

Don’t worry, we can help you!

When you know what to look for it is easier than you think. This gift guide is for the girl in your life that is always rocking the latest styles.

These gifts are perfect for your friend that you have to take shopping with you to approve your outfits.The friend that is always posting a an ootd on the gram will appreciate everything on this list.

This is the ultimate gift guide for the fashion lover in your life.

We have a little something on this list for everyone in every price range. Check out this gift guide for inspiration for gift giving or making your list. You can always forward this post to that special someone to give them some hints.

Tis’ the season to make your list and check it twice – and we will make it easier for you by giving you all of the gift inspo you need.

Where is Karl?: A Fashion Forward Parody

For those that are truly fashion obsessed, the name Karl Lagerfeld is an icon. If you are not as fashion savvy, let us fill you in. He is the director of a little fashion house known as Chanel, you may have heard of it. This fun and interactive book from Stacey Caldwell replaces the original Waldo with Lagerfeld and other famous faces, such as Anna Wintour and Kim Kardashian. Trying to find these characters in chaotic fashion scenes makes this a fun and unique gift that any fashion lover would enjoy. It also makes a great coffee table book.

Luxurious Pajamas

Who doesn’t love a pair of cozy and chic pajamas? A matching silky satin set of pj’s can make anyone feel more put together and fancy. It sure beats sleeping in an old band tee! Just be sure that you know the size of who you are buying for. If you are unsure of the size, make sure to include a receipt so they can exchange them for the size that fits correctly.

A Designer Lipstick

Tom Ford Lipstick

Pulling a designer lipstick out of your purse to touch up your color will make anyone feel extra fancy. What name stands out more than Tom Ford? Applying designer lipstick is always a nice little treat and it is a great gift that your fashionista will love. The packaging is gorgeous and classic. It will will look great in their makeup bag, purse, or on their vanity. Picking the right color may be a difficult, as there are a lot to choose from. A classic red is usually fool-proof because it looks great with any skin tone. NIB Boys & Girls Ultra-Rich Lip Color Joan New Look!


A Stylish Phone Case

Every fashion lover appreciates a cute accessory. So, why not liven up the piece of tech that is permanently attached to their hip. Getting a neutral, but stylish phone case is a  great gift. We suggest going with black, gold, or rose gold- these colors will match any outfit. Just be sure you know the type of phone that they have.

I love this iphone case from Kate Spade. It will provide protection for their phone, which some stylish cases don’t offer. This case also comes in really cute colors and patterns.

Don’t know what type of phone they have? You could always get them a Popsocket. These little guys can go on any phone or phone case. Popsockets add a bit of style and a lot of function. It gives you a better grip on your phone, no more dropping it on your face, and a way to stand it up on the side.

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Magic Soap Bars


Ingredients: Water, Saponified Organic Coconut, Palm & Olive oils (w/ retained Glycerin), Water, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Eucalyptus Oil, Salt, Citric Acid, Vitamin E


Silk Eye Mask

Even the most fashionable among us need their beauty rest. But, of course they don’t want to sleep like the rest of us -they sleep in style. This silk sleeping mask helps to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging while you sleep. They also won’t need to worry about their expensive eye cream absorbing into the mask. The mask won’t absorb moisture, keeping your eyes hydrated and ready for the morning. For the best sleep, this silky eye mask blocks out light, making it perfect for traveling or a quick cat nap. Give the gift of a great sleep this holiday season.

Carry On Suitcase

Is your timeline always flooded with your friend’s/ family member’s photos in an exotic location? The perfect gift for them is a carry on suitcase to take with them on their travels. This one is lightweight and stylish. It will look perfect in their Instagram pictures. They can travel in style and stay organized with two compartments. It is also TSA approved. Who knows? They might like the suitcase so much that they will take you with them on their next adventure.

Stylish Coloring Book

Paris Street Style: A Coloring Book

Every fashion lover has a little bit of a creative side. Let them express this creativity, while getting in touch with their inner child. It has also been shown that coloring is great for your health and is very relaxing. This fashion forward version of your favorite childhood activity features street styles of French inspired clothing. To add a little something special, pair this gift with a set of colored pencils.

Custom Name Necklace

Want to help them get in touch with their inner Carrie Bradshaw? This custom made name necklace is the perfect gift to give your fashion obsessed friend. Especially if they are also obsessed with Netflix binges. This necklace is small and minimal. It is the perfect addition to layer with almost any the other jewelry that they have. The font is not large either. This comes in sterling-silver, gold-plated-silver, or rose-gold-plated-silver. The simplicity of the design will help this necklace compliment many outfits. If you are looking for a personalized gift for the fashion lover in your life, this is a great choice.

So, there you go! That is our list of the top ten fashion gifts. All of these stylish gifts are perfect for the fashionista in your life. Remember, if there is something you like, feel free to forward this post to someone to give them a gentle “hint.”

What gifts are you giving or hoping to receive this season?  Let me know in the comments!

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