Tingler Lotion for an Exceptional Tan

Tingler lotion is for those that want to get a deep tan fast. These tanning lotions are meant for the experienced tanner who does not have a low pain tolerance. With that being said, once you are used to using a tingle lotion, the faster results are well worth it. After a few uses, the discomfort of the tingling usually disappears. If you are interested in learning about the benefits of tingle lotions and which products are the best, keep reading for all of the inside info.

What is Tingler Lotion?

Tingler lotion (or Tingle Lotion as most would call it) is exactly what it sounds like. They are tanning lotions that tingle when they are applied. This sensation actually helps to intensify the color of your tan. It works by increasing circulation of blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin and affects your body’s production of melanin.

Melanin is the pigment in your skin that gives it color. The increased stimulation of melanin results in a deeper tan. This is what makes tingle lotions so popular, you can get a darker tan in less time. The ingredients responsible for the increased oxygen into the skin are Methyl or Benzyl Nicotinate.

When applying tingle lotion, you may notice your skin becomes red or warm. This may last from application to after leaving the tanning bed. These side effects will usually disappear within two hours. Also be aware of the tingle sensation.

Some users find the pain unbearable. This will vary depending on the product, the texture of your skin, and your pain tolerance. Try it out on a small section of your body first before applying it all over.

Why Tingler Lotion?

The appeal of getting a deep tan quickly is why experienced tanners love tingle lotion so much, even though some may find the tingling sensation uncomfortable. It gives a beautiful and natural tan without having to spend as much time in the tanning bed.

These lotions also contain ingredients to help your skin stay moisturized to help your tan last longer. Sometimes they also include anti-ageing ingredients, to protect against tanning prematurely ageing the skin.

If you are interested in trying a tingler lotion, we have a list of the top 3 tingle lotions to help you get a deep and dewy tan in no time!

Best Tingler Lotion: Top 3

Is tingler lotion something you have ever wanted to test out? Give one of these awesome products a try to see if it is something you like during your next tanning session.

This tingler lotion is not meant for the faint of heart. It gives an extreme amount of tingling and causes immediate visible reddening of the skin. Experienced tanners will enjoy this product! It is filled with anti-ageing and skin-nourishing ingredients that include black currant oil, pear, shea butter, and vitamin e. This tanning lotion will give you a deep, rich, natural color while helping to keep your skin moisturized and smooth.

Designer Skin BombShell 100XXBronzer

This “ultra-extreme” tingler lotion helps you to develop a deep, bronzy, glow quickly. It has nourishing ingredients like white tea extract, soy, and CoQ-10 to keep your skin hydrated and smooth. It is also filled with antioxidants to give your skin a little more TLC. With a luxurious scent of kiwi and watermelon, that is even noticeable after you leave the tanning salon, this lotion will make you feel like a Bombshell.

Devoted Creations Trinity XS Mega Extreme XXX Sizzling Tingle Tanning Lotion

This “mega-extreme” tingler lotion helps you to develop a deep, dark bronze quickly—within 2–3 hours of your tan session. Besides plenty of accelerators to stimulate melanin production, it also contains anti-ageing ingredients to firm, tighten and protect your skin and silk extracts. A silicone emulsion formula locks in the skin’s moisture as well as the bronzing (emphasis on the zing!) and tingle ingredients. As for fragrance, think fresh and citrussy. End result: Silky soft, satisfyingly dark skin.

Careful, though, the tingle has proved too hot for some!


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