Microblading Medical Grade Pigment Ink Set


  • ✅SEVEN COLORS; This microblading pigment set from Mellie Microblading features seven shades of microblading pigment to suit every taste; Choose from blonde, warm effect, golden brown, soft brown, medium brown, dark brown and jet black
  • ✅SAFE; Each set of microblading pigments has undergone stringent quality inspection and meets strict EU standards; Mellie Microblading Pigment is formulated to the highest standards; Our promise is this; if we wouldn’t use the microblading pigment set ourselves, we won’t sell it
  • ✅EASY; Mellie Microblading pigments require no mixing; Simply apply the pigment with our microblading disposable tool for stunning results every time; When you need professional microblading supplies, look no further than Mellie Microblading
  • LONG LASTING; Our semi-permanent pigment is designed to last up to twelve months; Best of all, the pigments in our microblading pigment set won’t change color once applied; Trust Mellie for premium cosmetic pigment that’s a cut above the rest
  • ✅FIELD TESTED; We’ve extensively tested our pigments in real-world situations to make sure our pigment is the best on the market; Live your life loud with Mellie color pigments


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